#8 – The Poem That Has Things In It That Are About Drinks

Share this coke with Mark.
Go on.
It’ll be a nice gesture.

What about Imran?
Gather your friends.
It’ll be like a party.

Share a coke with Kelly.
Don’t you feel like you should?
She’d really love it.

Did you forget Shannon?
How about you give her this gesture?
She’ll be disappointed if you don’t.

Share a coke with Aaron.
You don’t know him? Nonsense.
Here’s his address.

Get one for you and Nick.
You should share the moment.
He’ll be angry if you don’t.

Keep sharing.
You’ll make a better word.
Share it!
Spread the word!

Or else.

(Soundtrack whilst writing: Nothing, this time.)

A quick poem inspired by the slightly creepy advertising campaign on the side of bottles of a certain brand of Cola right now.
Yeah, I’m catching up!


#7 – A Poem About Whatever It Was I Drank Last Night

Just sitting there.
Lots of little bottles,
Not standing on a wall,
Slouching at the back of a fridge
At the back of the bar.

Occasionally, a hand reaches in
And grabs one.

I devour its insides.

I wonder if they’re happy about it
Or if they shrink in fear from the inevitable.

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#6 – The Narrator

This is a continuation of my two-part poem, the first of which can be found here. The two are meant to be read separately, preferably one after the other.

The bard sat still
Anticipating the thrill
Of telling his story,
Of blood and of glory.

His champion, a man puzzled
By his life’s purpose
On his way back home
From adventures unknown.

God’s eyes were alight,
The aftermath of the fight
A beautiful creation
For his manipulation.

Time to go, Vagus,
Thought the calm fabler,
I’ll guide you well
Through your personal hell.

Or will I?
The Devil smiled.
An omnipotent one
Could do no wrong…

Young Vagus could die
Or, perhaps, decide
Without me
What his fate will be.

Perhaps I’ll just watch
As the scene I set up
Plays itself out.
Good luck, Vagus – you’re on your own now.

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#5 – Vagus

I’m here! I’m here!
Yesterday, I planned out an idea for something of an epic, two-part poem. I wrote a lot but the second one isn’t quite done yet. In order to get something out there (I’m playing catch up already…) here’s part one.

The rolling hills the tide
On the sea he’d never spy
The carriage his transport
With wonders from far-off shores.

His sword undented
The sun rendering it
The brightest beacon
Warning nature to keep away.

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#4 – To Take the Plunge

Aeons below me
Is a stream.
Despite the distance,
It mesmerizes me.

Millions of cogs,
Effortless in flow,
Flawless in design,
Smooth however they move.

A whoosh,
A whistle,
And I feel as though God
Himself wants me to leave.
To stop admiring what I could not hope to gain.
I’m not flawless.
I’m not smooth.
I don’t deserve a part in that dance.

Stopping me from going
Is a flicker.
Someone might see it.
Someone might think I can be saved.
If you can, please…

I’m up too high.
Talk me down.

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#2 – Conversations with WordPress

Add a post to your new blog?
This is it,
Holy shit,
Another me,
A brand new feed,
A different way
To impose what I say,

But first –
Set your avatar?
What’s your header?
Tag that,
Check your dashboard out!
What about you?
Your readers want to know.

Hey look!
Someone commented
On something you just deleted.
But see, they like you!
Check out your views!

Already eighteen!
Not all of them are me!
Some from the Phillipines!

So maybe I can do this,
Count up the page hits…

Alright, world.
Bring it.

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#1 – Vicarious

“Here’s how I saved everything”,
“I Travelled theĀ  Globe – Ask Me Anything”,
That’s interesting,
“What’s your favourite bit of foreshadowing?”

Want knowledge?
A click away.
Want advice?
A search away.

How do I make great tea?
How do I make a C.V?
How do I make them love me?
If I bow down, Google tells me.

One day, far away,
We’ll have all this in our brain.
Mistakes would be yesterday,
Who wants humanity anyway?

(Soundtrack whilst writing: Voyager – The Meaning of I)



What this blog’s going to be all about – at first, at least! I’m going to try and write a poem, every day, for 30 days. Or, more likely, end up writing about 20 of them on day 30. Either way, I intend to penetrate the murky depths of poetry in my mind and finally get what it’s all about. It’s an ambitious intention.

But then, you know what they say about the road to hell…